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About us

We are an OnlyFans agency committed to positioning our models in the top 0.4% of creators earning five and six figures each month.

This business is made as easy as possible for you by our team, allowing you the most freedom and profit.

Our expert female-only team specializes in marketing, management, and content creation to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Meet The Founders



Based out of Stockholm, I am one of the Co-Founders of Socedo Agency, where my primary focus is ensuring that our creators consistently stay ahead of the curve, maximizing their potential and revenue growth. Leveraging my experience as a former management consultant for Accenture and a graduate from the Royal Institute of Technology, I contribute a wealth of knowledge and innovation to our agency. I have a background as a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of launching successful businesses across various niches.


More about me: Friends know me for consistently being on the cutting edge of life’s experiences. In my spare time, I relish the freedom of flying small aircraft as a pilot, perfecting my swing on the golf course, and indulging in my passion for movies and music. Travel serves as a constant source of inspiration for me, fueling my desire to broaden my horizons and discover the next groundbreaking idea.



Hailing from Gothenburg, I am proud to be a Co-Founder at Socedo Agency. My mission is to nurture and empower our creators, ensuring they excel in the dynamic world of online content. My previous role as a strategic leader at Deloitte, coupled with a Masters in Digital Marketing from Lund University, provides a solid foundation for driving innovation and success within our agency. I have continually championed women in business and am recognized for transforming ideas into lucrative ventures across multiple sectors.

More about me: Those close to me value my zest for life and unwavering resilience. Outside the boardroom, I am a fervent advocate for women’s empowerment, often engaging in community initiatives. I also find solace in yoga, enjoy the rush of sailing along the Swedish coast, and cherish the moments spent reading contemporary literature. Every journey I embark upon, whether personal or professional, ignites a spark in me to continuously evolve and inspire.



Based out of Oslo, Marcus has a background in economics, international affairs, and relations that informs his work, often placing him in key roles during negotiations and client interactions. He excels in multifaceted environments, leveraging innovation and adaptability for optimal results.

More about me: Outside of work, he enjoys travel, photography, and spending time with friends. Through photography, he has had the privilege of traveling globally and building a diverse network of international friends. On the weekends, will you most often find him skiing the beautiful mountains in Norway!



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Why work with us?

We are currently a small organization, but we are expanding. If you share the same level of enthusiasm as us, we will give you our complete commitment.

Our company is based on the principles of integrity, discretion, and zeal. You can rest assured that we will always address and solve your problems.

We never let our models down, and we always help them achieve unexpected success.

Our Values


We believe that trust is the foundation of all of our relationships. Our objective is to create a sense of safety and predictability that allows us to rely on one another in all aspects of our business.


We will strive to be a company where discretion is respected.

All photographs, videos, and information remain private.


We believe that individuals are at their best when they are doing what they genuinely enjoy. We approach our work and our collaboration with our collaborators in this manner.

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