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Questions & Answers

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Do I really need an agency?

With an agency, though, you will earn significantly more money and require considerably less time.

Without an agency, you must work around-the-clock, you must discover all trends on your own, you must make all posts on all platforms on your own, you have no assistance with the structure and no outside perspective.

Many models attempt to be successful on their own for several months, earn between $500 and $2,000 per month, and then join our agency.

In 90% of situations, we are able to increase the turnover to $15,000–$20,000 in only 8 to 12 weeks after taking over the mentoring.
How often do I have provide content?

Ideally, one to three new pictures daily. However, you can also produce everything in advance on a single day per week.

If your fans request a private photo or video, you can offer them one. However, you receive so much money for these images that you will gladly offer them.


Do I need to take professional video and photos?
Certainly not! We are familiar with the platform and what works best on it. Private images shot with your own phone are far better.

Fans want to sense a personal connection with you and as though you took the photo specifically for them.

We demonstrate and explain how the images should look to our models. It is not difficult, and the best approaches will assist you in quickly making your fans happy and increasing sales.
How much time do I have to invest?

Typically, you only need 1-2 hours every day. It can be more when your DMs are full with paying fans.

When your revenue exceeds $40,000, it’s often a good idea to quit your day job and spend more time on Onlyfans


How long does it take to see the first results?

It is dependent on your current social media presence. It is possible to earn $10,000 in just 2-3 weeks without followers.

We can make 3-4 figures on the first day if you already have a few fans or a decent quality social media following.


What if I do not want to show my face?

It is usually preferable to show the face. It is significantly easier to gain followers. People enjoy looking at and reading people’s faces. They want to know if you’re having fun, happy, doing well, or if you want more.

Some of our successful models do not show their faces on OF, but show it on IG. That seem to work well.


What if I do not want to take nude photos?

This is a question that each person needs to ask themselves. The extent to which our models are pushed should be no greater than what they they feel comfortable with.

Test it out with some everyday or provocative pictures first. Naked pictures are a great way to provide the followers with more exclusive stuff.

There is a market for premium, fan-only material, and consumers are prepared to pay extra to access it.


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